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Asylum Principles publicationAsylum Principles
Statement for Churches Working on Asylum Issues
An ecumenical Statement of Principles by member churches of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, who stressed the importance of speaking out with a common and prophetic voice in the highly charged asylum debate.

Asylum Reflections publication
Asylum Reflections
Immigrants and Refugees - theological considerations, plus
Immigration and Asylum - a brief theological reflection
A theological companion to Asylum Principles (above).


Beneath the Surface publicationBeneath the Surface
A report on the Churches' Commission for Racial Justice (CCRJ) fact-finding and education visit to the USA in May 2005, aimed at learning from the long experience of American churches and institutions in addressing issues of racism, justice and empowerment.  


article to downloadMigration Principles - Executive Summary
Why the church needs to reflect on migration issues and the core Christian principles relating to migration.



Front cover for racial Justice TodayRacial Justice Today
Old copies are still available looking at racial justice issues from a Christian perspective. These can be downloaded in PDF format.


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