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New research offers clues on how churches can grow

DATE 3 MAY 2007

At a time of steady decline, how can church membership increase rather than fall? This is the question that "Journey Into Growth", a new book from Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) tackles. Following ten years' of research, "Journey Into Growth" concludes that a growing church is one that looks out to its neighbourhood rather than in on itself.

"Journey into Growth", edited by Revd Terry Tennens, a Baptist minister and former director with the ecumenical Building Bridges of Hope research project, will be a valuable resource for churches that want to grow and be involved with their local communities.

According to "Journey Into Growth", growing churches:

  • have a clear vision and aim;
  • work in partnership with other churches and non-church agencies;
  • have outward looking attitudes;
  • are learning all the time;
  • have an ethos of shared leadership;
  • are open to receive the insights of the skilful outsider, known as a "mission companion".

The launch of "Journey into Growth" will take place on Wednesday 9th May at 12.30 p.m. at the CTBI offices, Bastille Court, 2 Paris Garden, London SE1 8ND. Speakers will include Terry Tennens and Canon Janice Price, executive secretary of the Global Mission Network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Refreshments will be available following the launch.

Speaking before the launch, CTBI general secretary Bob Fyffe said, "'Journey into Growth' will encourage churches to look at themselves and their communities, and seek the help of a 'mission companion' as they negotiate change, and grow in God's mission."

"Journey Into Growth", (ed. Terry Tennens, ISBN 978-085169-346-0)


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