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lent 2008

pathways of prayer

Resource / study materials - for groups and individuals  

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Journey through Lent with BBC Radio and Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Two people are walking along a pathway together. As you watch you can see the changing relationship between them. Sometimes they talk animatedly together, but at other times they travel in silence. Sometimes they seem to be arguing. At other times they seem close as lovers. Sometimes they appear to lose contact altogether...but then they are reunited and travel on together. 

Christian life is a journey. But it's not a journey we make alone. As we travel, we have God as our companion. Everything that passes between us and God as we travel is what we call prayer. Prayer is the road we travel on, and it is our occupation on the journey. 

But prayer takes many forms. Christian spirituality offers not one but many pathways by which to come to God. Each pathway has been formed in Christian communities through the centuries, and each has depth, wisdom and experience to offer in approaching God through prayer.  

We are all different, and each of us finds some types of prayer more conducive than others. The aim of this Lenten series is to offer participants insights into six types of prayer - six journeys - or better still, six modes of travel. 

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