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In the days following the Sunday Worship, each theme was further explored in The Daily Service link to external website from Monday to Thursday at 0945 on BBC Radio 4 (198 Long Wave). We included the daily themes and readings below so that they could be followed through Lent. (The Act of Worship at the same time on Fridays usually reflects current events, so it has not been included in this series.)

The path of Holiness

...where prayer searches our hearts

Monday 11th February

Serving a holy God - Isaiah 6:1-8  

Tuesday 12th February

Rejecting sin - Hebrews 12:1-6,14

Wednesday 13th February

Developing a holy character - 1 Peter 1:13-22

Thursday 14th February  

Becoming a holy church - Colossians 3:12-17

The path of Social Justice

...where prayer rolls its sleeves up

Monday 18th February

False worship - Isaiah 58: 5 -12

Tuesday 19th February

Empty words - James 2:12-17

Wednesday 20th February

True happiness - Matthew: 5:1-12

Thursday 21st February

Just deserts - Matthew 25: 31-45

The Devotional path

...where God speaks through his Word

Monday 25th February

Praying in private - Matthew 6:5-8

Tuesday 26th February

Praying the Word - Proverbs 2:1-11

Wednesday 27th February

A pattern for prayer - Matthew 6:9-15

Thursday 28th February

Persistent prayer, Luke 11:5-13

The Sacramental path

...where heaven touches earth

Monday 3rd March

A gift of thanks - Psalm 116:1-2, 12-19

Tuesday 4th March

A wedding gift - John 2:1-11

Wednesday 5th March

A gift of love - Mark 14:3-9

Thursday 6th March

A gift of life - 2 Corinthians 4: 4-12

The Contemplative path

...where we meet God

Monday 10th March

Clean Monday - the first day of Lent for the Orthodox community.

A glimpse of glory: Exodus 33:18-22

Tuesday 11th March

A still small voice - 1 Kings 19:9-13

Wednesday 12th March

A shining light - Matthew 17:1-8  

Thursday 13th March

Gazing on God - 2 Corinthians 3:12-18

The Pathway to the Passion

This is Holy Week. The Bible readings in The Daily Service follow the events of that week. Each day's Bible reading will be dramatised in The Passion - a dramatic retelling of the last week of Jesus' life broadcast each evening this week on BBC1.

Monday 17th March

St Patrick's Day

Jesus enters Jerusalem in triumph - Matthew 21:1-11

Tuesday 18th March

Jesus drives the merchants out of the temple - Mark 11:12-18

Wednesday 19th March

Jesus warns his disciples of the suffering to come - Mark 10:32-40

Thursday 20th March

Maundy Thursday.

Jesus teaches his disciples how to serve - John 13:1-14


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