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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

lent 2008

pathways of prayer

Continuing your journey

Here are further paths you might like to take and explore for your ongoing spiritual journey.

The resources are provided by a variety of churches and organisations. Particular views expressed may not be those of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, but we know the resources have been greatly appreciated by many and are therefore glad to include each one here. We are very grateful to those who provide them.

Most links are to external websites:

Web sites


The ReJesus web site is visited by two to three thousand people per day. It covers a wide variety of aspects to do with Jesus, including prayer.

Christian faith

The Christian Enquiry Agency will provide information on the Christian faith in confidence and free of charge.

Sacred Space

The Society of Jesus, commonly called Jesuits, in Ireland have a Sacred Space web site exploring spirituality and prayer. It has many language options.

Prayer podcast

A daily framework and podcast of prayer, especially for busy people, called pray-as-you-go is also provided by the Jesuits.

Bible e-post

A small portion of the Bible with a comment for the day, called Word On The Web, is provided by the Church Army.

E-course: New to Christianity

The Church Army provides a 6 week email course for those who want to explore New to Christianity.

Find a Church

Find a church will help you find a church near to you, including a map.

Alpha course

Advertised on billboards and television, the Alpha Course has been run in thousands of churches and may be available at a church near you.

Foundations 21

Foundations21 is a full 12 month web course, available from the Bible Reading Fellowship, for those who really want to get to grips with the Gospels and discipleship.

Spiritual Journeys

Spiritual Journeys is a new web site exploring spirituality with all our senses, containing many practical suggestions and exercises.

Quiet Spaces Journal

Quiet Spaces is intended for Christians who are looking for new ways to deepen and develop their faith.


You can try a multi-media Bible reading experience, including downloadable podcasts, on the WordLive web site.


Sense Making Faith, Anne Richards. CTBI 2007.

Sense making Faith is a resource book which accompanies the website ‘spiritual journeys'. It has been written for both individual and group use, and is packed with information and spiritual exercises. For more details see Sense Making Faith.

Spirituality to Go, Olive M Fleming Drane. DLT 2005

Spirituality to Go is a book full of helpful suggestions for the spiritual seeker, reflecting on the common experiences of life. It is written with busy people in mind. 

Contemplative Prayer

From the Bottom of the Pond, Simon Small. O Books 2007.
The forgotten art of experiencing God in the depths of the present moment.

From the Bottom of the Pond is a modern exploration of contemplative prayer written by an Anglican priest who explores how we can be a modern contemplative through different parts of the day.

Music and Meditations

Liz Babbs - Music and meditations are provided by Liz Babbs in various books and CDs from her web site.

Streams of Living Water, Richard J Foster, Harper San Francisco 1998

Streams of Living Water, is a book by the same author who wrote Celebration of Discipline. It explores several of the Pathways of Prayer that we have considered in this series, but in greater depth and with more practical things to do.


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