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Advent 2009


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A World in Waiting
Advent hope in an economic crisis

Following the global financial crisis over the past year, hope is in short supply and needs to be rebuilt. And that is what Advent is all about - a season to take seriously the plight of "those who dwell in darkness", but also to awaken a longing and commitment to a better and different kind of world.

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland presents these resources for Advent 2009 that look at the crisis in relation to the roots of our Christian beliefs and values, aiming to turn anger and disappointment into a positive force for change.

Reflections and prayers

The run-up to Christmas is an exhausting time - buying gifts, sending cards, queuing at the post office, attending parties, decorating the home, office and/or church, assisting with carol festivals and Christingle events, cooking meals, meeting work deadlines - hardly any time left for the sort of preparation for Christmas which is expressed in the Church's readings, prayers and hymns for Advent.

We hope these daily reflections and prayers, which you can use whilst travelling, waiting or taking a break, will make it possible to tap into this rich tradition and keep the focus on what it's all about - hope for our troubled world.

You've probably had your fill of economic gloom, doom and worry. These reflections, whilst focussing on the economic crisis of our times, are meant to help us see through it and beyond.

Happy Advent!

How to use the resources

Reflections for each week contain an introduction to the theme, followed by 6 Daily Reflections. Extra Reflections for each week contain more daily reflections, headed by the day they most suit, although they could be used at any time. Some of these are referenced in the Sunday worship preparation.

summary of all the reflections is available as a PDF document.

Our thanks to Pat Logan for preparing the reflections.

Please note: most of the reflections conclude with indications of organisations which are undertaking practical action or are campaigning on the issues referred to in the preceding reflection. The aim is to suggest points of engagement. The fact that only one or two are given in each instance should not be taken as an endorsement of the organisations mentioned or as implying that they are more effective than others which it has not been possible to include.




Advent resourceIntroduction and Prayer Guide (Advent 2009) 
(PDF, 4MB)


Advent resourceWeek 1 reflections: A New City (Advent 2009) 
(PDF, 2.7MB)

Week 1 extra reflections (Advent 2009)
(PDF, 1.6MB)


Advent resourceWeek 2 reflections: A New Covenant (Advent 2009) 
(PDF, 3.7MB)

Week 2 extra reflections (Advent 2009)
(PDF, 2.2MB)


Advent resourceWeek 3 reflections: A New Morality (Advent 2009) 
(PDF, 4MB)

Week 3 extra reflections (Advent 2009)
(PDF, 1.5MB)


Advent resourceWeek 4 reflections: New Life (Advent 2009) 
(PDF, 3MB)

Week 4 extra reflections (Advent 2009)
(PDF, 2MB)


Advent resourceSunday Worship Preparation (Advent 2009) 
(PDF, 800k)
Please note: some of the reflections
that are suggested here are included
within the extra reflections for each week.


Resource for Advent 2009Advent Candle Lighting (Advent 2009)
(PDF, 1.2MB
Liturgy for the lighting of the advent candles
on each of the four Sundays of Advent.


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