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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

lent 2010

people on the edge of his pain



Download the whole guide: People on the Edge of His Pain - study guide (PDF)

How often we have heard the story of the passion. Every Palm Sunday we are gripped by the drama of the story of Jesus' suffering and crucifixion. Many others were caught up in that drama, not least those who had been central to Jesus' life and ministry. How did they react to these events? How did they feel as partners in the unfolding drama of the passion?

Much of this remains unknown, but we can perhaps imagine. We can place ourselves within the drama: in the market square, in the Temple, on the Via Dolorosa or at the foot of the cross. Lent 2010 and 'People on the edge of His pain' is an opportunity to work ourselves into the characters and action, to experience afresh that sense of history and humiliation that would change the world forever.

We will explore the characters of Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of our Lord, Judas, Peter, Barabbas and Jesus himself. In these characters we hope that we can engage with some of the tensions, the arguments, the disappointment and the hopelessness. All will lead ultimately to the joy of the Resurrection and to the journey of faith.

We will develop the characters and build a scenario which can allow us to 'touch and be touched' by the Holy Spirit as, each week, we walk and talk with each of our chosen followers on our road to the cross.

The course allows for the use of drama, poetry and meditation as well as scripture. It is essentially an 'experience' of Lent and its meaning for each of us individually or corporately. It might also allow us to explore contemporary issues and concerns in the light of our thinking and praying with particular individuals in the drama. 


Crown of thorns
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