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CISN hardship fund

criteria and application process 


  1. Awards are made to applicants undertaking full-time first degree or postgraduate studies lasting a minimum of one academic year.
  2. Awards are made to students who are within 6 months of finishing and who can show that their financial problems are unexpected and that a small grant will enable them to complete their course.
  3. Applicants normally excluded from consideration within the Hardship Fund are:

a) permanent residents of Britain, Ireland, EU or other developed countries;

b) students who begin their course without assured funding to meet the full costs involved (tuition, accommodation, living expenses etc.);

c) students whose fees and living expenses have been covered by major award(s);

d) candidates who have not begun their studies and those who have already finished;

e) those studying outside Britain/Ireland or those requiring help for a field trip abroad;

f) asylum seekers and refugees;

g) students undertaking courses in subjects related to arms manufacture or experimentation on live animals.

Application procedure

Potential candidates who, in the light of the above criteria, believe themselves eligible should email email 

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