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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

lent 2008

pathways of prayer

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Two friends are out walking together.

They talk. They laugh. Occasionally they weep together.

Most of all they enjoy each other's company.

After a while the conversation stops and one friend becomes distracted by the many sites along the journey. Occasionally she stops, completely caught up in the sites and wonders that she sees off the beaten track.

Her companion however continues the journey and the two become separated.

But by now she has forgotten that she began this journey with a companion - enjoying instead all the tantalising sights along the way.

But then she feels alone, and she is sad, and she feels empty.

And then she remembers that she began this journey with a companion whose company was life in all its fullness and she longs to find the pathways that will bring her back into the presence of her beloved.

Such is the nature of our relationship with God - we long to take those pathways that will draw us closer to Him who is life in all its fullness.

Those pathways are prayer.

And these are the pathways that we are exploring during this Lent.

Perhaps you are one of those identified by the research done by Tearfund - one of the 20 million people who pray in the UK.

And maybe the Sunday Worship and Daily Service on Radio 4 - or the items you may have heard on BBC Local Radio - have led you to thirst for more that will sustain you on your chosen pathway.

Let us offer you a helping hand...

We will be travelling along different paths:


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