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lent 2011

the unreconciled

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Extra resources
Holy Week

Here are three shorter resources which you can use to carry on exploring the theme of the Unreconciled during your preparation for Easter. These resources are offered for the beginning of Holy Week to prepare for the events commemorated on Maundy Thursday (the Last Supper), Good Friday (the Crucifixion of Jesus), Holy Saturday (the time of watching and waiting after Jesus' death) and Easter (the Resurrection). To help you we offer three more themes from our book Unreconciled?

In addition you might also find looking at Brian Castle's book Reconciling One and All helpful (SPCK 2008) or David Atkinson's Jesus Lamb of God (SPCK 1996). You can also find further resources from:
St Ethelburga's Peace and Reconciliation Centre link to external website

Holy Week extraHoly Week - Monday 18 April 2011 (PDF, 130k)

Dydd Llun 18fed Ebrill 2011 (PDF, 85k)

Holy Week extraHoly Week - Tuesday 19 April 2011 (PDF, 130k)

Dydd Mawrth 19eg Ebrill 2011 (PDF, 65k)

Holy Week extraHoly Week - Wednesday 20 April 2011 (PDF, 130k)

Dydd Mercher 20fed Ebrill 2011 (PDF, 80k)

You might also like to return to the Prayer for the Unreconciled we have offered for reflection throughout Lent as a way of continuing to prepare for Easter.

Prayer for the Unreconciled

God our Father,
we thank you for your reconciling work
patiently, lovingly, restoring all creation.
We thank you for Jesus Christ, reconciler, saviour,
midwife of our journey to new birth.
We thank you for the gift of your Holy Spirit,
dancing, delighting in the beauty of the earth.

Help us to know the Unreconciled among us
waiting for adoption as neighbours and friends.
Empower us to raise them from their isolation
into enduring healing, peace, and freedom.
May we discern their need and welcome those
who do not know your joy, forgiveness, hope.

We too are waiting, help us see more clearly
as we travel together in our pathways of faith.
This Lent, deepen us in prayer and new vocation
to your task of reconciliation.
Help us look forward to your Easter mystery;
our hearts are restless till they rest in you.


Lent 2011
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