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Applicants must be graduates in any discipline.

Those with a PGCE or TESOL qualification are particularly welcome, but any experience of working with young adults will prove helpful. TESOL training will be provided for those applicants who require it. Applicants must also show an interest in China and/or development issues.

Applicants will also be able to show a close connection with a Christian church or fellowship in Britain and Ireland (or another European country which does not have its own Amity programme). It is hoped that Amity teachers will join local churches for worship and other activities (language skills permitting).

The Amity Foundation believes that Christian witness in China can best be given by service and through dialogue. Teachers are expected to live and work within local Christian guidelines as interpreted by the Amity Foundation and national laws. Conversion and proselytizing are not permitted, though Christian behaviour and presence may provoke questions about faith and its implications - discussion and debate are encouraged at this level.

Applicants will be expected to show a range of professional and personal skills suitable to working in a very different culture to their own. Adaptability, tolerance and a willingness to learn and share, as well as to give, are required.

Teachers will have to deal with a sense of cultural isolation, but still be able to foster healthy relationships with colleagues and students. Evidence for creativity and a commitment to the development of professional skills should be demonstrated. Prior overseas experience is not required but may be an advantage.  

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