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"Being an Amity teacher is getting the opportunity to make a small difference in the lives of your students, while they will surely make a big difference in yours."

Marianne Hansen, Denmark

"I like being an Amity teacher for at least these reasons: I like the fact that Amity is a Chinese organisation and this means that their connection with my school is based on common understandings. It also means that my school knows and appreciates Amity and this automatically extends to me as well. Also, I know that my work here is part of an overall plan to help people in the poorer areas in China; this gives me a sense of purpose and the knowledge that my work is worthwhile and part of a larger whole. Finally, I like to be connected to the broader programmes of Amity's several divisions. I like being able to contribute to the work of the other divisions and to communicate back to people about opportunities to support other aspects of China's needs. For these and many other reasons, I am glad to be an Amity teacher."

Lynn Yarbrough, USA

"Imagine a raw and cold China winter morning. All bundled up, you take off for an equally cold China classroom. Upon entering: "Good morning teacher!" And all those bright eyes and happy faces. It beats all the radiators and heaters in the world."

Anders and Cecilia Ahlenius, Sweden

"For all the teaching I do, my life here is basically a learning experience for me. Learning the language, getting to know the culture and, above all, finding out about the students - their lives, their backgrounds, their problems and how they cope. I'm full of respect for these young people on their way to the future. It's a privilege to teach them and sometimes you realise that your being here, your taking an interest in them and your caring for them, actually makes a difference to a few of them, a difference for the better. And this, of course, is what we're here for!"

Beate and Oliver Engelen, Germany

"Being an Amity teacher is like arriving in China with a host family waiting to welcome you. In China, where family relations are the support network for every individual, this means that through every challenge you have someone to turn to and, in every joy, you have good friends to share it with."

Greg Huang-Dale, USA

"One of the benefits of being an Amity teacher is gaining insight into Chinese life and culture. Through visits to Amity projects, we have a rare chance to see parts of the country we wouldn't otherwise see. We have met people in remote villages. We have seen how they are learning to better their own lives through Amity's support and encouragement."

Jenny Huang-Dale, USA

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