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The Amity Foundation runs a number of programmes to aid people in China's rural areas who are suffering through poverty, disability or from natural disasters. Amity has also established several urban projects to work with migrant workers and their families, who frequently find it difficult to access vital social services.

Amity's Blindness Prevention and Special Education Division provides skills training for people with disabilities. It also provides mobility aids, job placement services and helps refer clients for medical assessments. The division also seeks better schooling opportunities for children with disabilities and monitors schools to see that the rights of children with disabilities are being upheld. Most of the work is done through over 50 trained field workers who have reached over 3000 families. Amity's Community Based Rehabilitation programmes started in 1994, and were the first of their kind in China.

The Amity Foundation is involved in ten schools for the children of migrant workers in Nanjing. Admission is usually free or for a nominal sum, and Amity has worked hard to raise teaching standards and provide pedagogic equipment for the classrooms. Teacher training and leadership development are also essential components.

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