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Most of the downloads are provided as both Word 97/2003 documents, which can be edited, and PDF documents for viewing. Please note: Word documents are designed to be viewed in Print Layout view (select View/Print Layout).

Photographs that are included usually have a Creative Commons licence link to external website and can be freely shared if you adhere to the licence terms.

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Sermons / sermon notes

Creation in Crisis Theme sermons download5 week framework based on Creation in Crisis Theme
Flexible materials suitable for a less formal or all age setting:

Sermons (Theme) (PDF, 2.5MB)
Gaeilge (TS)   Cymraeg (TS)  
Sermons (Theme) (Doc, 13MB)
Gaeilge (TS)   Cymraeg (TS)   

Creation in Crisis Lectionary download5 week framework based on the Lectionary
Sermon outlines based on Bible readings:

Sermon notes (Lectionary) (PDF, 2MB)
Gaeilge (LS)   Cymraeg (LS)
Sermon notes (Lectionary) (Doc, 10MB)
Gaeilge (LS)   Cymraeg (LS)


Additional resources

Additional resources for Creation Time 2009A collection of prayers and other material for inclusion in worship services, liturgies or events. The 100 pages are divided into 15 sections.

Download whole document (Doc, 1.6MB)

or Download sections individually


Workshops / discussion groups 

Notes for workshops/discussion groups, plus links to a number of other group study resources:
Creation in Crisis - workshops / discussion groups

Action ideas

With a theme of Creation in Crisis - a time for prayer and action this page gives lots of pointers to ideas for the "...and action":
Creation in Crisis - action ideas

LOAF service

Creation in Crisis LOAF service downloadA service of worship based on the Christian
Ecology Link's LOAF Principles - particularly
suitable for a Churches Together event:
LOAF service (PDF, 1.5MB)
Gaeilge (LOAF)   Cymraeg (LOAF)
LOAF service (Doc, 6MB)
Gaeilge (LOAF)   Cymraeg (LOAF)
Powerpoint for LOAF service (PPT, 5.5MB)

Advertising flyer

Creation in Crisis flyer Please help us to advertise Creation Time 2009
by downloading and printing this A5 flyer:
Creation in Crisis flyer (PDF)

A printed version of the flyer is also available in quantity. Please emailemail.


Irish translations of the following documents are available:

Welsh translations of the following documents are available:


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