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1 September - 4 October 2013

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‘Justice should flow down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream' Amos 5.24

The theme for Creation Time 2013 is 'water justice', corresponding with the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation link to external website

Today many people live in an environment where water has stopped rolling and the ever flowing streams have dried up and become ‘never flowing'.

In this context of water injustice, our service for Creation Time 2013 (available for download below) invites us to worship the God of justice with the hope that water justice will flow like a river and eco-righteousness will permeate our hearts and minds like an overflowing stream. The service was prepared by the Student Christian Movement India (SCMI) and first published by the Ecumenical Water Network (EWN) link to external website.

We also provide Bible notes that use Amos 5.24 and John 4.15 (the woman at the well) as a starting point, as well as pointing to other biblical resources. 

The Virtual water cube activity demonstrates how much water it takes to produce many of the foods we eat regularly. People could be invited to explore it during a Creation Time service, or it could be used for a separate occasion.

Resources to download

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Sermon notes

Water justice - sermon notesWater justice - sermon notes (Doc, 3.2MB)
Water justice - sermon notes (Welsh) (Doc, 3.4MB)

Water justice - sermon notes (PDF,240k)
Water justice - sermon notes (Welsh) (PDF, 215k)

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Water justice - serviceWater justice - A5 service (Doc, 5.4MB)
Water justice - A5 service (Welsh) (Doc, 5.4MB)
Water justice - A5 service (Irish) (Doc, 5.4MB)

Water justice - A5 service (PDF, 240k)
Water justice - A5 service (Welsh) (PDF, 250k)
Water justice - A5 service (Irish) (PDF, 160k)

The Word doc is set up as an A5 booklet and can be printed in landscape mode onto A4 paper, using your printer's duplex printing option (or manually refeeding the paper) to print on both sides of the paper.

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Virtual water cube

Water justice - virtual water cubeWater justice - virtual water cube (Doc, 1.7MB)

Water justice - virtual water cube (PDF, 400k)

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Water fact sheet

Water justice - fact sheetView online

Water justice - fact sheet (PDF, 300K)

Additional prayers of intercession

Water Justice prayersWater justice - prayers of intercession (PDF, 260k)

Water justice - prayers of intercession (Doc, 1.5MB)

Additional resources

Creation Time 2012A substantial collection of prayers and other material for inclusion in worship services or liturgies during Creation Time, updated in 2012. Also includes links to a wide range of other liturgical and study material.

Creation Time - Additional resources (revised 2012) 
(Doc, 1.7MB)
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Advertising flyer

Creation Time 2013 posterWater justice A5 poster (Doc, 1MB)

Water justice A5 poster x1 (PDF, 220k)

Water justice A5 poster x2 (PDF, 350k) 

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Other Creation Time resources

Anglican Communion Environmental Network

Links to a collection of liturgical resources from around the globe. More link to external website


water justice

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Water justice infographic Find out how much water it takes to produce many of the foods and items we buy regularly
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