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The Inter Faith Network for the UK was founded in 1987 to "promote good relations between people of different faiths in this country. Its member organisations include representative bodies from the Baha'i; Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Jain; Jewish; Muslim; Sikh; and Zoroastrian communities; national and local inter faith bodies; and academic institutions and educational bodies concerned with inter faith issues."

As well as promoting good relations between the faiths it also takes forward a number of issues relevant to the place of religion, identity and the public square:

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Faith, Citizenship and Shared Life in Britain Today: A Discussion Document (PDF) link to external website

Faith and Identity

Faith, Identity and Belonging: Educating for Shared Citizenship (PDF) link to external website

University Campuses

Building Good Relations on Campus (PDF) link to external website

Inter Faith and Local Government

Partnership for the Common Good: Inter Faith Structures and Local Government (PDF) link to external website

General Inter Faith Matters

Building Good Relations with People of Different Faiths and Beliefs link to external website

Wearing of religious dress and symbols

Another useful resource is the newsletter, Inter Faith Update, which includes updates on relevant issues. Issues are put up on the Network's website link to external website.  

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