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From the Theos link to external website Christian think tank:

Neither Private nor Privileged: The Role of Christianity in Britain Today (PDF) link to external website

Doing God: A Future for Faith in the Public Square (PDF) link to external website

Paper by Dr Christine Ledger, at New College Edinburgh, April 2008:
Living Creatively: Cultures of Koinonia in a Technological World (PDF) link to external website

The Inter Faith Network for the UK

This network promotes good relations between the faiths and also takes forward a number of issues related to the place of religion, identity and the public square. See our page on the Inter Faith Network for the UK.


All links are to external websites:

The Irish School of Ecumenics is an established research centre within Trinity College Dublin. It focuses on issues of identity, theology and culture within the Irish context.

The University of Edinburgh's Centre for Theology and Public Issues was founded in 1984 to promote reflection and research on important public issues to which Christian theology can make a constructive contribution.

The Heythrop Institute: Religion and Society aims to be both a resource and a stimulus in formulating Christian responses to complex contemporary issues.

The Roman Catholic Church offers an approach to identity and public space issues through the concept of the 'common good'. This puts the overall good of humanity at the heart of government and the public space.

The United Reformed, Methodist and Baptist Churches have joined together to form the Joint Public Issues Team. Their newsletters provide examples of approaches to culture, identity and public space issues.

Churches Together in England, CYTUN and the Irish Council of Churches are all involved in issues concerning culture, identity and the public space.

The Bible Society offers the publication The Bible in Transmission as a resource for Christians engaging in the public space. Excellent contributors, combining practical and theological insights, make this a very valuable resource.

Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs (MECA)
Provides information by and about Black and Minority Ethnic Christians, churches and agencies.

Scottish Churches Racial Justice Group provides regular news on racial justice issues in Scotland.

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