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This is a selection of some of our more recent publications. Most of our publications (unless indicated) can be purchased online via Church House Bookshop External link. Please click on the Buy link for each publication below.

Newer publications may be available as ebooks either via Amazon or free download. Please note ebook downloads are large files - please see download guide)

We Will RememberWe Will Remember
Timed to coincide with the commemoration of the centenary of World War I, this publication by Keith Clements looks at how the churches in Britain responded to the First World War.

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Out of the DepthsOut of the Depths
This new title from the Joint Liturgical Group of Great Britain explores how the churches respond to occasions of public grief.

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 Beyond Our TearsBeyond Our Tears
In moments of national tragedy and private grief, the right words can be hard to find. This collection helps to express what is almost beyond words, bringing together prayers, readings, poems and hymns.
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Inherit the EarthInherit the Earth?
Millennium Development Goals - So Near and Yet So Far
Barbara Butler, Executive Secretary of Christians Aware, considers the bold aspirations formulated as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
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Time for ActionTime for Action
Sexual abuse, the churches and a new dawn for survivors
Reprinted and also now available as an Amazon ebook
The 2002 report to Churches Together in Britain and Ireland of the group established to examine issues of sexual abuse.
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UnreconciledUnreconciled, Anne Richards,
with the Mission Theology Advisory Group
Exploring mission in an imperfect world
Christians pray for peace and reconciliation and give money to alleviate the plight of others, while nodding to our neighbour whose problems we are not aware of. The Unreconciled are among us, but, because they don't make headlines, we assume they are coping and don't need our help. Buy External link

Forgotten TrinityForgotten Trinity
The BCC Study Commission on Trinitarian Doctrine Today
Report, Study Guide and a Selection of Papers
Is the doctrine of the Trinity an irrelevance? Or is it of vital importance to the life of the churches? Three publications arose from the work of the Commission - a Report, a Study Guide and a Selection of Papers - which are combined here in a single volume for the first time.

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Foundations for MissionFoundations for Mission, Anne Richards, John Clark, Martin Lee, Philip Knights, Janice Price, Paul Rolph, Nigel Rooms
Resulting from the 2010 Edinburgh World Mission Conference, this book offers insights to all interested in the theology and practice of mission and contains full data analysis for the serious researcher. It also contains useful tools for continuing mission audit and reflection.

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Book cover for Above Us and Between UsAbove Us and Between Us, Peter Colwell
In 2007, the letter entitled A Common Word Between Us and You called for Christians and Muslims to come together around their common belief in the love of God and love of neighbour. Above Us and Between Us is a resource for local churches and individual Christians who wish to know more. Buy External link

cover for Sense Making FaithSense Making Faith, Anne Richards
Beautifully illustrated in full colour and with new poems from the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sense Making Faith is a resource book for spiritual exploration. Using the physical senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste, as well as the power of the imagination, anyone can discover anew how rich and diverse our world is and find out what God is doing in it. Buy External link

cover for Changing EvangelisationChanging Evangelisation, Philip Knights
Continuing this remarkable series on the emerging Church, Philip Knight contributes a valuable challenge to the accepted methodology of evangelisation from a Catholic perspective. Changing evangelisation is an essential read for all those interested in mission and emerging church. It's positive and upbeat, exhorting us to lift up our hearts and go on. Buy External link

cover for the Alpha PhenomenonThe Alpha Phenomenon, edited by Andrew Brookes
Love it or loathe it, the Alpha course is a phenomenon and has been enormously successful. This book provides a balanced, wide-ranging evaluation and will be of benefit to thinking Christians everywhere. Buy External link


cover for Journey into GrowthJourney into Growth, edited by Terry Tennens
A workbook for local churches looking to grow in mission, Journey Into Growth will encourage churches to look at themselves and their communities and seek the companionship of the skilled outsider - the mission companion. 
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cover for Migration PrinciplesMigration Principles, Migration Roundtable Working Group
A thoughtful document that takes forward the work of building communities who are aware and sensitive to the needs of others. Migration is a global issue and here the churches are being given a set of principles to work with and make their own. Buy External link


cover for Asylum PrinciplesAsylum Principles
This booklet provides a very useful resource for Christians who want to offer a welcome to the stranger in their midst. This publication gives Christians many of the answers they require when they are faced with the challenge offered in the Last Judgement in Matthew's Gospel. Buy External link


cover for Heart of FleshHeart of Flesh, Gillian Court
The author presents the role of the prophetic in Bonhoeffer's life and work comparing his message with the message of the Hebrew prophets of the 6th century BC. The lessons to be learned continue to resonate in the climate of the 21st century, at a time of change, shaking and dismantling of established structures and the resultant confusion among the people of God. Buy External link

cover for Bonhoeffer and BritainBonhoeffer and Britain
, Keith Clements
100 years after his birth, and just over 60 years after his death, the life and witness of Dietrich Bonhoeffer remain as provocatively relevant as ever in a world where religion is too often silent in face of injustice. This book offers new insights into Bonhoeffer for those already familiar with him, and a valuable introduction for those to whom he is still just a name. Buy External link

cover of A World TransformedA World Transformed, Pat Logan
A World Transformed is an exploration of the definition of a truly civil society in these changing times, where social transformation and a Christian engagement with society 's issues are a reality. Highly, recommended for every reader who is, or wishes to become, socially aware. Buy External link


cover for Changing MissionChanging Mission, Stuart Murray Williams
New church, fresh expressions of church, future church or emerging church - what exactly can be learned from the new churches? Stuart Murray Williams brings an Anabaptist perspective to these questions, reflecting on the significance of the new many forms of Church arising today. The western church is in trouble and believes that the questions it faces are theological and missiological rather than ecclesiological. Buy External link


cover for Bishop George Bell Bishop George Bell - The Greatest Churchman, Peter Raina
George Bell was alive at one of the most crucial times in modern history. In speaking in the House of Lords of the distinction between the Hitler state and the German nations, he put his own career on the line; determined to pursue international reconciliation, his work both during and after the war helped to build the Europe we know today. Bell's friendship with Bonhoeffer was important in revealing the evil of Nazism to a wider world.
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cover for China Study JournalChina Study Journal
This is an academic journal publishing articles on religion and religious policy in China. The majority of research articles have been written by Chinese researchers working in China and contain empirical studies of rural and urban Christianity and developments in Sino-Christian theology. The journal also collates reports of other religions in contemporary Chinese society and documentation related to changes in religious policy. The China Study Journal is edited by Edmond Tang, lecturer in contemporary Chinese religion at the University of Birmingham and head of the Research Unit for the East Asian Christian Studies.

For subscription details contact the China Desk.

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