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'Mission' seems to be on everyone's lips these days. It's a feel-good word, suggesting purpose, direction and transformative change. Christians talk about mission a great deal and it seems to be integral to every dynamic church agenda. But what does all this mission talk have to do with God and with what Christians actually do?

Foundations for Mission offers insights to all interested in the theology and practice of mission and contains full data analysis for the serious researcher. It also contains useful tools for continuing mission audit and reflection.

Executive summary

Executive summary Executive Summary (FFM) (PDF)


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Study Guide

These resources are designed for use at congregational level. We use the MTAG activity pattern, which is:

Yellow - based on text for groups which enjoy discussions

Foundations for Mission Study GuideFFM Study Guide - Yellow journey (PDF)


Green - activity-based resources for groups which enjoy performing activities with reflection

Foundations for Mission Study GuideFFM Study Guide - Green journey (PDF)

Blue - scripture and worship based resources for groups which want to engage in Bible study and combine reflection with prayer and hospitality

Foundations for Mission Study GuideFFM Study Guide - Blue journey (PDF)

Pink - spirituality based resources for groups who want to move towards deep spiritual growth and development around specific issues.

Foundations for Mission Study GuideFFM Study Guide - Pink journey (PDF)

You may like to look through them and mix and match the resources which are most appropriate for your group.  

Mission research

This book is the result of research conducted to answer the questions posed in the introduction (above). Set up in response to the Foundations for Mission study theme of the 2010 Edinburgh World Mission Conference, this book shows how the relationship of language, theology and praxis in the UK and Ireland is a complicated and messy affair.

Using website analysis, a theological survey and in-depth interviews, the research group asked leaders of churches, agencies and other mission bodies to examine their underlying drivers and purpose for mission. A picture emerges of profound commitment to hospitality, openness, and reconciliation from the Christian community, and the offering of God's love for all, but how that happens, and who exactly should be involved in the process is much less clear.

Research results

Survey results
See the detailed research results,
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Foundations for Mission
Research results
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