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Pie charts showing responses to the questions asked during research:

Survey results
All respondents research results (FFM) (PDF)

National & local research results (FFM) (PDF)

BIAMS research results (FFM) (PDF)

Interactive bar charts
which allow you to compare responses from one question against another:
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Bar chartsBar chart

Origin and Purpose of God's Mission

Kingdom, Mission and Church

Who best does mission?

Evangelism & Mission

Mission & development

Mission & improving lives

Mission & other faiths

God at work through

Mission & proclamation

Mission & sin

Mission & salvation

Mission & church (essence of church)

Mission & church (function of church)

Mission & partnership

Mission outcomes

Response summaries, showing how each of the different Church groups answered the research questions:

Survey responseAnglican response summary (FFM) (PDF)
Baptist response summary (FFM) (PDF)
Black led church response summary (FFM) (PDF)
Catholic response summary (FFM) (PDF)
Methodist response summary (FFM) (PDF)
Migrant led response summary (FFM) (PDF)
Orthodox response summary (FFM)(PDF)
Pentecostal response summary (FFM) (PDF)
Reformed response summary (FFM) (PDF)


Templates, for use in future studies:

Ethical interview leaflet
Ethical Interview Leaflet (Doc)


Interview template
Template for interview questions (Doc)


Paper survey
Survey paper version (Doc)


Foundations for Mission
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