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Care of God's creation is fundamental to the Christian faith. There are many different ways of focusing on creation and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles based on Christian hope. These resources will help Church study/discussion groups to take a Creation theme for the month of September (although they could be used at other times of the year).

Hope for Creation - Lord's Paryer study downloadNotes for study/discussion groups - Lord's Prayer
These use the Lord's Prayer theme and complement our Lord's Prayer sermon ideas.

Group Study - Lord's Prayer (Doc, 4.5MB)
Cymraeg (GS)  Gaeilge (GS)
Group Study - Lord's Prayer (PDF, 112k)
Cymraeg (GS)  Gaeilge (GS)

Links to other resources

A number of other group study resources are suggested below (external links):

7 Introductory Bible Studies for groups from SAGEOxford. 

3 Studies on environmental themes from SAGEOxford. 

Caring for Creation studies and discussion starters based on the book Climate Change, Christianity and Sustainable Living by Nick Spencer and Robert White.

Methodist Relief and Development Fund's Bible study pack on Climate Change.

Operation Noah Study guide for Catholic Parishes:
Between the Flood and the Rainbow - Climate Change and the Church's Social Teaching.

Group material to aid lifestyle change:
Ecocell material from Christian Ecology Link - a number of sessions for groups looking at issues such as waste, water, energy, transport, with information, discussion material and some theological input.

Studies from the Season of Creation (Australian) site.

Resources for group study from Eco-congregation

5 Bible studies by Prof R J Berry produced by Diocese of Southwark (PDF).

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