Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

ascension and pentecost


Resource compiled by the Joint Liturgical Group
of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland



God, forgive us when we are so deep-rooted in the world that we are unable to see beyond the present, and blind to the amazing glory of your presence with us. We can get so absorbed in what is happening now that we forget all that you have in store for us. Our concern is so focused on the things that are immediate and temporary that we lose sight or all the things that are eternal and bursting with your love. Lift up our heads so we may see Christ in all his glory and the whole of our lives in your Godly perspective. May our hearts long for the day when our own eyes will see you face to face. Amen


Give us faith Lord, so that when you come like the wind we may sense your movement and hear your call upon us.

Give us courage Lord, so that when you come to us in tongues of fire, we may not fear. Take all that is undeserving, impure and sinful from us. Burn them from our lives. May your love be ablaze within us.

Give us an open mind Lord, so that the truth you bring might inhabit us. Truth that will set us free, truth that will guide us and inform us, truth to lead us in your ways.

Give us an open heart Lord, that we might seek all people for your Kingdom, and proclaim the Good News, without limits, to the world.

Holy Spirit, Come. We wait for you. Come wind, come fire, come truth, come love, in Jesus name we pray. Amen



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