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Churches' Criminal Justice Forum

The Churches' Criminal Justice Forum (CCJF) was set up in 2001 and is a network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. The primary purpose of the CCJF is to uphold Christian values in the field of criminal justice. It does this by sharing information about Christian-based activities and criminal justice initiatives, raising awareness of community justice concerns in local churches, engaging with politicians and developing dialogue on criminal justice with other faiths. 

CCJF has its own membership structure for church denominations and Christian service providers, consistent with its purposes and objectives. Twice yearly network meetings are open to all CCJF members, while project work is guided by an executive committee composed of church representatives.

Prisons Week

Prisons week has existed for over 30 years. It is run by a broad alliance of Christian denominations and leading faith based charities working in the criminal justice system. It aims to encourage prayer for the needs of prisoners, as well as assist with regional and local events to raise the profile of criminal justice issues and the role of faith communities.

Prisons Week 16-22 November 2014

The theme for 2014 is 'Building Hope'. Suicides in custody have risen by 69% in the last year and incidents of self-harm in prison are also sadly on the increase. The Prisons Week alliance of charities calls on churches to help 'build hope' in deeply troubled circumstances.

Find out more details from the Prisons Week link to external website website .

There is a separate Prisoners Week in Scotland - see link to external website

Interrogating overrepresentation of black people in prisons
Sat 21 Nov 2014, 2-5PM, Chapel, Westminster Central Hall

Symposium exploring the reasons for the acute over-representation of black people in British prisons, and with the General Elections next year looming church leaders plan to make their findings clear to all parties for greater political awareness and action on an issue that has long affected black communities in the UK. Pre booking required by email link to external website 

Church service
Sat 22 Nov 2014, 5-7pm, Christ Faith Tabernacle Cathedral, Woolwich, London SE18 6NL

A church service with the theme of 'Interrogating overrepresentation of black people in prisons'. Speakers include Dr R David Muir, Pastor Nims Obunge and Dr Martin Glynn. All welcome. See for directions. 

Joint faiths advisory board on criminal justice

In Scotland, the Joint Faiths Advisory Board on Criminal Justice link to external website works with Action of Churches Together in Scotland link to external website.

What Can I Do?

A guide to volunteering in the criminal justice system from PACT (2005):

Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office link to external website

Community Chaplaincy

The web site of the newly formed Community Chaplaincy Association link to external website provides a focal point for sharing resources and information about local Community Chaplaincy projects.

Scales of Justice on top of the Old Bailey
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