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Care for the environment has become a key political issue for the churches and for individuals as it becomes clear that climate change is having devastating effects on our planet and will potentially affect our whole way of life.

It is of particular concern for Christians as we are called both to care for God's creation and to act justly - and global warming is already disproportionately affecting many of the poorest parts of the world.

Christians are responding in a variety of ways, from individual actions to cut carbon emissions to Christian agencies that encourage green initiatives or help those who are already suffering from the adverse effects of changing weather patterns.

Environment and climate change is one of three themes for which Churches Together in Britain and Ireland will be developing and providing resources.

The Environmental Issues Network is also part of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

You can also read the latest news and events relating to the environment and climate change, and access resources for Time for Creation.  

To explore the substantial range of material already available from churches, church groups and others, see links.

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