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Preparing for the General Election:
A 2020 vision of the Good Society
"Without a vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18


 3 March 2015

Latest resources from the churches include the letter to parishes from the Bishops of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, plus the Black Church Political Mobilisation: A Manifesto for Action.
CTBI election website link to external website

2 February 2015

Our dedicated website for the 2015 General Election is now live at link to external website.  For help with any aspect of the General Election 2015 website, please email link to external website.

The website includes the 2020 vision statement with briefings on each of the five key issues, theological reflection and questions for candidates.

It also includes a Hustings registration system to search for Hustings in your area and to register your own event.

Plus we include a round-up of election resources available from the churches and other Christian organisations.


Introduction to a 2020 vision of the Good Society

With the General Election fast approaching, 2015 is a year of decision. 

Our churches have a major role to play - not just in hosting hustings meetings - but in sharing a positive ‘2020 Vision' of the kind of ‘Good Society' we want to help create, locally, nationally and globally over the five years of the next parliament.

In 2015, a broad coalition of Christian denominations and agencies - including Church Action on Poverty, Church Urban Fund, the Childrens' Society and Housing Justice - are encouraging churches across the country to take up the theme of a ‘2020 Vision of the Good Society' with MPs and prospective candidates in the run up to the General Election.

A ‘2020 Vision of the Good Society' statement has been produced under the auspices of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland out of a common desire to see a society that works for all - in which each of us are valued and which respects the Earth. In short - a society for the common good.

Election website

Download the 2020 vision statement and other resources, plus search and register for Hustings, on the election website now available at link to external website

Our 2020 Vision of a Good Society

  • All citizens have access to enough income to enable them to live with dignity, either through paid work or through a properly functioning welfare safety net.
  • Reasonably priced homes where people can flourish are available for everyone who needs them and there is a reliable safety net for all homeless people.
  • All children and young people are enabled to live fulfilling flourishing lives, their contributions are valued, and they are enabled to grow and achieve their potential.
  • An economy that is in service to every person irrespective of their wealth or the market value of their labour; including robust action to clamp down on tax dodging.
  • UK greenhouse gas emissions are falling rapidly, and the Government has helped to secure a global climate deal that limits global temperature rises to 2 degrees.



Houses of Parliament

Election website
2015 election website Our website for the 2015 General Election is now LIVE. Download the 2020 vision of the Good Society statement, plus other resources, and search for and register a Hustings event. 
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Good Society project
Good Society project Download the Good Society project report and toolkit. Add your own community's voice - 'What does a Good Society mean to you?'
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