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Churches Together in Britain and Ireland

lent 2010

people on the edge of his pain


BBC Radio 4 Daily Service / readings

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In the days following the Sunday Worship, each theme was further explored in The Daily Service link to external website from Monday to Thursday at 0945 on BBC Radio 4 (198 Long Wave and Digital). We included the daily themes and readings below so that they could be followed through Lent. (The Act of Worship at the same time on Fridays usually reflects current events, so it has not been included in this series.)

Week 1 - Jesus
Beginning Monday 22 February

In the wilderness, from the edge towards suffering

Monday 22 February
On the edge of the law
Mark 7:1-8
Presenter: to be confirmed

Tuesday 23 February
On the edge of our expectations
Luke 18:18-24
Presenter: George Stack

Wednesday 24 February
On the edge of life and death
Rom 6:1-8
Presenter: Peter Whittaker

Thursday 25 February
On the edge of our understanding 
Rev 1:13-20
Presenter: Mark Wakelin

Week 2 - Mary Magdalene
Beginning Monday 1 March

Soul Sister

Monday 1 March
God's grace for the undeserving
Eph 2:4-10
Presenter: to be confirmed

Tuesday 2 March
One who listened
2 Tim 4:2-8
Presenter: Stephen Shipley

Wednesday 3 March
A gift from a sinner
Luke 7:44-50
Presenter: Roger Hutchings

Thursday 4 March
Looking from a distance
Matt 27:56-61
Presenter: Phil Sumner

Week 3 - Judas

Beginning Monday 8 March

Cheating heart?

Monday 8 March
Odd one out
Matt 9:37-10:7
Presenter: Tony Burnham

Tuesday 9 March
An instrument of God
John 6:64-71
Presenter: Nick Bundock

Wednesday 10 March
Betraying a friend
Psalm 55:4-14
Presenter: Tony Rogers

Thursday 11 March
The wrong decision
Matt 27:1-8
Presenter: Becky Harris

Week 4 - Mary

Beginning Monday 15 March

Grieving mother

Monday 15 March
On the edge of shame
Matt 1:18-25
Presenter: to be confirmed 

Tuesday 16 March
On the edge of the action
Mark 3:31-35
Presenter: Chris Chivers

Wednesday 17 March
The humble exalted
Luke 1:45-55
Presenter: Roger Hutchings

Thursday 18 March
At the foot of the cross
John 19:25b-30
Presenter: Judy Merry

Week 5 - Peter
Beginning Monday 22 March

Weakest link?

Monday 22 March
The wrong end of the stick
Mark 8:27-33
Presenter: Clair Jaquiss

Tuesday 23 March
Conscious of guilt
Luke 22:54b-62
Presenter: Sharon Grenham-Toze

Wednesday 24 March
Changed by God
John 21:15-17
Presenter: Mark Wakelin

Thursday 25 March
Filled with the Holy Spirit
Acts 2:14-21
Presenter: George Stack

Week 6 - Barrabas

Beginning Monday 29 March

Daylight robber

Monday 29 March
The substitute
Luke 23:13-25
Presenter: Stephen Shipley

Tuesday 30 March
Where evil is transformed
Acts 3:12-19
Presenter: Peter Whittaker

Wednesday 31 March
Restoration for the sinner
Gal 6:1-10
Presenter: Phil Sumner

Thursday 1 April
Love one another
John 13:31b-35
Presenter: Chris Chivers


Crown of thorns
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