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Lent course 2013
‘This is our story: Journeys of faith'

We all have stories to tell: stories about who we are, where we come from and where we hope to go in life. We tell stories about our ‘journeys of faith'.

Lent is a time when we think about the story of the Israelites escaping from slavery in Egypt, miraculously crossing the Red Sea, struggling through the wilderness for forty years, and, at last, entering the promised land.

Christians have always told stories: we tell and retell the stories of Jesus and of the early church. These are stories which help us shape our lives, to see ourselves as ‘disciples'. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we talk about all the things that have happened to us. We share stories about our ‘journeys of faith' and we need the help of Scripture to make sense of them.

Lent is a time, when we say ‘This is our story': the story of the Israelites, the story of Jesus, the story we can tell about our own ‘journey of faith'. We each have a story to tell and every story is different.

As in previous years, Churches Together in Britain and Ireland encouraged local ecumenical study groups to meet. Material for study linked, for those who wanted to listen, with Sunday Worship on BBC Radio 4 (0810-0850) and special items based on the themes of the course were broadcast on Sunday mornings on BBC local radio. Radio programmes related to Lent were covered on the BBC Religion and Ethics website link to external website. Local BBC radio station can be found on the BBC website link to external website. It was not necessary to listen to the broadcast material to join in with a local group.

BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship linked to the week's theme at 0810 on BBC Radio 4. More >>

BBC Local Radio

There were related Sunday morning programmes across the BBC's network of 39 BBC local radio stations (find your local BBC radio station link to external website). There were more details on the BBC Religion and Ethics website link to external website

Study material

The resource is available in full colour with graphics (PDF) and as a text-only (large print/accessibility) version (PDF or Word file).

You can also access the study guide online >>


Lent 2013 study guideLent 2013 study guide (PDF, 4.7MB)

(Please note this is a large file - see download guide)


Lent 2013 large printLent 2013 - This is our Story (large print) (PDF)

Lent 2013 - This is our Story (Large Print) (Doc)


Lent 2013 bi-lingual study guideLent 2013 - This is our Story (Welsh/English) (PDF)

Background to the course

The course was written by Revd Nicholas Sagovsky, an Anglican priest, who is Whitelands Professorial Fellow at Roehampton University. Until last year, he was Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey.

Nick writes, ‘I wrote this course because I have learnt so much from the members of a little Bible Study Group I started for people who have sought asylum. They have made - and are making - fantastic journeys of faith.

I believe our churches are full of people with great stories to tell, and that studying Scripture together can help each one of us see our life as a journey of faith. We can learn so much as we hear about other people's journeys of faith - the good bits and the hard bits - and we can see more clearly how we follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before us - right back to Jesus and to the Israelites who endured such hardships in the wilderness to come to their promised land.'


The themes for the six weeks were:


This is our story - Journeys of faith

2013 study guide
Lent 2013 study guide Study guide (PDF) Large print (PDF) Large print (Doc)
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