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20 October 2011 
Sermon and address to the Irish churches

Hope was the theme of a day of theological talks amongst church leaders and students held by the Theology Forum of the Irish Inter-Church Meeting. The theme had emerged from a growing sense of disillusionment across Ireland. NT Wright addressed the forum and also preached at an ecumenical service of celebration and worship.

Irish Inter-Church forum 

NT Wright at Irish Inter-Church forum

NT Wright talked to the Irish churches about hope, recognising how they had struggled with painful issues and with a legacy of violence and misunderstanding.

"There have been saints here, heroines and heroes who have taught the rest of us something we need to know about Christian humility, sacrifice and wisdom."

NT Wright talk to Irish churchesNT Wright - Hope plenary address - 20 October 2011 (PDF)

Ecumenical service of celebration and worship 

NT Wright at Irish churches ecumenical service

The evening event was an opportunity for the church leaders and students, together with the public, to gather together in worship as an outward expression of earlier reflections.

"Without the message of faith and love which Easter contains we are nothing, but with that message the world opens up before us as a strange, unmapped new land, full of possibilities and challenges."  

NT Wright ecumenical sermonNT Wright - People of Hope - 20 October 2011 (PDF)

NT Wright - People of Hope - 20 October 2011 
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NT Wright
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