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economic crisis





CAFOD policy on economic justice  link to external website

Religious Society of friends (Quakers)

Policy briefing - Triple crunch: Credit, Commodities and Climate (PDF) link to external website

Ethical investment

Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility (ECCR)
ECCR works for economic justice, environmental stewardship, and corporate and investor responsibility. Its British, Irish and international members include representatives of many Christian denominations, faith-based investors and religious communities. ECCR is a Body in Association with Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. 

ECCR website link to external website

Conference report: Companies, Communities and Religious Investors - socially responsible investment link to external website

Investment and Engaging with Companies: A Guide for Faith Communities link to external website

Five Talents
A microfinance development initiative of the worldwide Anglican Church.
Five Talents link to external website

International Interfaith Investment Group (3iG)
A membership organisation with representatives of many faith traditions, which came into being when a challenge was issued to faith investors around the world to align their financial investments with their religious and ethical beliefs.
3iG link to external website


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