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The Joint Liturgical Group is a network of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland.

It has its own web site link to external website and emailemail


The JLG began in 1963. Its aim has always been to serve the churches of Britain in the renewal of their worship. It was registered in law as a trust in 1971. The JLG has been concerned with the demands of worship in Britain and the development of common liturgical thinking and texts in the worldwide church.

The JLG exists:

Present and Future

The JLG and its work are formally recognised by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI).

The JLG affirms its relationship to the developing life of the churches and continues to be willing to serve them in the God-given calling of praise and witness.

The JLG has organised two successful conferences (1996 and 1999) and further conferences are planned.

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