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LSN: The Gathering - Beyond the Spirituality Revolution
21st April 2012

Our final Gathering, Beyond the Spirituality Revolution, was a very special day and we've been deeply touched by the responses of many of the people who were able to join us for what was part wake, part celebration: a poignant, puzzling but thankful end to LSN.

Eley McAinsh

Eley McAinsh, Director of LSN 

Every detail: the wonderful venue, with its light, bright space, glorious stained glass window and extraordinary meditation cell; the hauntingly beautiful music of violinist Teresa Brown; the keynote interview with David Tacey; the abundant and delicious food provided by Simon Denton and his café team; the moving liturgy devised by Diane Reynolds, and the contributions of key figures in the life of the network - among them, Gwen Cashmore, Paul Renyard, Ruth Harvey, Murdoch Mackenzie and Margaret Horner, reading one of her late husband Alan's poems - all these came together in an amazing day that became so much more than the sum of its parts.

LSN: The Gathering

We reproduce here as much of the day's content as possible, including the interview with David Tacey, Eley's talk, and the contributions of those key figures in the life of LSN and its predecessors, the Fellowship of Prayer for Unity and the Ecumenical Spirituality Project. The programme, brief history of the Network, and the closing liturgy are also included, along with a selection of photographs to give a vivid flavour of the day, the people and the venue.

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LSN: The Gathering


Interview with David Tacey

LSN: The gathering - David Tacey interviewLSN: The Gathering - David Tacey interview (PDF)

Beyond the Spirituality Revolution - Eley McAinshLSN: The Gathering - Beyond the Spiritual Revolution - Eley McAinsh (PDF)

LSN: The gathering - afternoon talksLSN: The Gathering - Afternoons talks (PDF)

LSN Gathering - Celebrating the JourneyLSN: The Gathering - Celebrating the Journey (liturgy) (PDF)

Roots of LSNLSN: The Gathering - Roots of LSN (chronology) (PDF)

LSN: The gathering - programmeLSN: The Gathering - Programme (PDF)

LSN: The gathering
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